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Absence Management Setup

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am trying to understand complete setup required for Absence Management to work for Employee /Manager self service to work. Any info will be gretly appreciated.


You can use PeopleSoft Delivered Setup Manager to generate a list of setups required here.

Setup Manager is a tool that helps you implement PeopleSoft applications by using a project and predefined tasks to produce a setup task list that is specific to your implementation project.

Here's a short level of information on how to use Setup Manager to generate a list of setup tasks required for Absence Management Product:

Navigate to PeopleTools -> Setup Manager

Click on Manage Implementation Projects Link:

Click on Products Button:

Select Absence Management and you can click on the link to further deselect the product features list. By default 10 of 10 are selected.

Click on View Summary:

Click on Save Button

Click on Generate Setup Tasks button.

A process is submitted to Process Scheduler. Once it is completed, you can click on View Setup Tasks:

once the list is generated, you can download the list into Excel Spreadsheet:


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