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Looking up a Shift in the Shift table

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


What Table.Field is used to determine the SETID used when looking up a Shift in the Shift table during PayCalc?


There are number of ways to define Shift in PeopleSoft Payroll as indicated in this previous post:

if you are defining Shift through the Paygroups or even some other method, PeopleSoft Payroll needs you to define at least one shift in PS_SHIFT_TBL; The shift you define is based on the SETID you select in PS_PAYGROUP_TBL; So, the Shift is connected to Paygroup that you define for your company;
When you define a paygroup, there is a Set ID in the paygroup, that is defaulted same as paygroup;you can change it to your HR SetID, but this should be defined in the SetID Table and SetControl value before you change it; or you can leave the default value as it is and come back and change it;

if you want to change it, you need to do the following setup:For the Paygroup value you are defining, go to SetControl table that is under TableSet Control (TableSet Control - PeopleTools Utilities Administration TableSet Control ) enter the paygroup value under Set Control Value: and under PY_02 record group, change the value for SetID;

For this SetID, you need to define a shift value; if you are not using the Shift Table, you must define at least one shift as shown below:

So, when a paycalc is run, it checks the paygroup's SetID; For this value it checks the SetControl Table and under PY_02 record group, for the value of the SetID, there should be a Shift Defined;

Else, you should expect a payroll error :
Message ID : 000049
Shift Not Found
The shift displayed below was not found.
Tables/Fields for Shift Defination and paycalc process: PS_SHIFT_TBL , PS_PAYGROUP_TBL , PS_SETID_TBL , PS_SET_CNTRL_REC
Hope this helps...


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