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Presheet Audit errors with blank descriptions

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hello - We are having errors show on the Presheet Audit Report pay034 where theerror description is blank. Any ideas on where the error messages are stored and how to correct this problem?


The Presheet Audit report is used to provide a detailed error listing of set up data (employee, benefit, deductions) that can cause errors in the Create Paysheet process (PSPPYBLD). So basically you need to run to identify setup issues prior to creating and calculating paysheets

The SQR uses descriptions that are defined in PS_STRING_tbl. There are 95 rows defined for Pay034.sqr program in 9.0 version.

Navigation to the String Table is - PeopleTools -> Utilities -> Administration -> Strings Table and look for PAY034 program id.

Please take a look at the above table and see if you have this table populated?


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