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Future dated tax balance adjusment

Tuesday, March 30, 2010



We're having an issue with PeopleSoft Payroll N/A 8.9. There apparently was an adjustment made to the tax balance of one of our employees (an officer of the company). The problem is that there was an error during the adjustment and the adjustment was entered in a FUTURE period (2010 year, 10 period), so when confirming payroll, this employee errors out.

Clearing the balance by readjusting the balance didn't fix the error as there is still the future dated record with a YTD balance sitting out there, so it still won't confirm.

Any help would be appreciated!


Well, if PeopleSoft allowed to adjust a Balance Period for which there was NO activity, then it is some kind of BUG;

Anyways, if you do take out the balance adjustment, it does NOT delete the row from Balance tables; the data will be there with certain number of rows , but with all ZERO values;

You must delete the Balance Rows from the table(s) that you did an adjustment;

Unless otherwise, you will get the below error:

SQL Error 0805: Non-Unique Data (PSPCBUPD)

Also, refer the below solution:

EPY: Payroll Process fails with Unique Constraint error 805 Master Solution [ID 607013.1]

The balance tables updated/inserted during Pay Confirm processing are:

Sometimes users may make a balance adjustment to a future pay period or quarter in error. When this occurs, the next confirm process will issue an 805 error for that employee. If you zero out all of the amounts in this future balance record (row), the system will still see the future record and it will still abend. This "empty" future balance record must be deleted via SQL. Once this row is deleted, begin the Confirm process. The Confirm will begin where it left off.

Hope this helps


Saeem March 4, 2013 at 10:33 PM  

Under what scenarios will the ERNCD be deleted from pay_oth_earns table after the pay calc process . Quick response will be greatly appreciated.

Help Urself March 8, 2013 at 2:46 PM  

If the JOB_PAY flag is set to 'Y' by an interface load on the PS_PAY_OTH_EARNS and a job change is made for the pay period the PS_PAY_OTH_EARNS rows will be deleted. The JOB_PAY flag is usually defaulted to 'N' on PS_PAY_OTH_EARNS when inserting a new payline.

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