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Important Tables in TAM

Thursday, October 25, 2012

If you are working on a TAM project or have implemented Talent Acquisition Management in PeopleSoft , at times you may be required to query for different Applicant data; There are many tables in TAM and having to know the most important ones will always come in handy.

Below are the some important TAM Tables that would be used in queries. One thing to note, you will be required to join multiple tables if you are looking to get good amount of data the spans different information.

Table Name Description
PS_HRS_APP_ADDRESS Applicant Address
PS_HRS_APP_ANSWER Applicant Answers to Questionaire
PS_HRS_APP_APLC_VW Gives Applicant Info on what job applied - what date, status etc
PS_HRS_APP_EMAIL Applcant Email Info
PS_HRS_APP_ITEMS Profile Content Items in an Applicant's application.
PS_HRS_APP_JOPSCRN Applicant Job Opening Screening Process
PS_HRS_APP_LOGIN Applicant Career Site Login Info
PS_HRS_APP_NAMES Applicant Names
PS_HRS_APP_PHONE Applicant Phone info
PS_HRS_APP_PSCRANS Applicant screening info
PS_HRS_APP_PSCREEN Applicant Prescreeing info
PS_HRS_APP_REF Applicant References Information
PS_HRS_APP_RES Applicant Resume
PS_HRS_APP_RTE Applicant Routing
PS_HRS_APP_RTE_DTL Applicant Routing Details
PS_HRS_APP_STS Applicant Status
PS_HRS_APP_WRK_EXP Applicant Work Exp
PS_HRS_APPLICANT Applicant Details
PS_HRS_CONTACT Company Contact Details
PS_HRS_INT_SCHED Interview panel for an applicant
PS_HRS_JO_DSC_TYP JO Posting Details
PS_HRS_JO_I JO info - recruiter id, manager id, creator id--good info
PS_HRS_JO_PST_LIB JO Posting Description Library
PS_HRS_JO_RCTR_RL JO Recruiter Roles
PS_HRS_LOCATION Interview Location Details
PS_HRS_OFFER Offer Details
PS_HRS_RCM_INT Interview timings for an applicant and other details
PS_HRS_RCMNT Has Applicant Person ID and Job Opening (interface table)
PS_HRS_RCMNT_I Has Applicant Person ID and Job Opening (interface table)
PS_HRS_STS_INT_I Interview Status Details 
PS_HRS_STS_JO_I Status Codes , Details on a Job Opening
PS_HRS_STS_REC_I Recruitment Status
PS_PT_WF_NOTFY_TBL Info on for all notification emails sent from HRS REC


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