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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Helpful PeopleSoft Documents (PeopleTools/Technical Related) from Metalink:

Red Paper Topic


Meta Link

Online Performance Configuration Guidelines for
PeopleTools 8.45, 8.46, 8.47, 8.48 and 8.49

guide for technical users, installers, system administrators, and programmers
who implement, maintain, or develop applications for Oracle PeopleSoft
Enterprise Applications.

rp_e_opcg_845_846_847_848_849.pdf (440.33 KB)

Online Performance
Configuration Guidelines for PeopleTools 8.1x, 8.4, and 8.44

Learn how
to diagnose a PeopleSoft Online Transaction environment, including Pure
Internet Architecture® and Enterprise Portal configuration.

PeopleSoft 8.1x Red Paper
(PDF: 740KB)

PeopleSoft 8.4 Red Paper
(PDF: 844KB)

PeopleSoft 8.44 Red Paper
(PDF: 930KB)

UNIX shell scripts
(ZIP: 5KB) that accompany these red papers.

LDAP Red Paper with Troubleshooting Tips for PeopleTools
8.x , 8.4x

LDAP Red Paper (1,820.02 KB)

Red Paper on Securing Your PeopleSoft Application

How to secure PeopleSoft
PIA environment

Red Paper (1,382.04 KB)

PeopleSoft PS/nVision Configuration & Troubleshooting

RP_nVision_guide (1,204.22 KB)

Red Paper on Implementing Clustering and High
Availability for PeopleSoft

Clustering_and_High_Availability-_840.pdf (1,983.35 KB)

Clustering and High Availability for Enterprise Tools
8.4x - 8.50

Red Paper provides guidance for building Webserver and Application Server

PeopleTools Clustering Red Paper (2,827.3 KB)

Configuring a PeopleSoft Portal

Red Paper provides guidance on a variety of aspects involved in configuring a
PeopleSoft portal. It is organized into topics that prove to often be problematic
for portal implementation teams

configuring_ps_8_portal_v1.pdf (1,259.16 KB)

Troubleshooting WebLogic 8.1 and 9.2 Issues

Troubleshooting_Weblogic_81.pdf (234.52 KB)

Troubleshooting_Weblogic_92.pdf (1,367.93 KB)

Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) for HCM 9.0

White Paper discusses how to implement and set up the Approval Workflow
Engine (AWE), including how to define all the required support objects

Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) for HCM 9.0 (672.01 KB)

PeopleSoft Performance Monitor Red Paper

Monitor system for troubleshooting performance problems in your environment.

Performance_Monitor_RedPaper.pdf (3,326.46 KB)


Kalyan May 21, 2010 at 1:14 PM  


I have a requirement where a field in a grid in level1 is of dropdownlist type on the page. This field has a prompt table's corresponding descr field showing up in the dropdownlist. The values of DESCR field in the main table are : Achieves, Exceeds, Fails to Achieve,Marginally Achieves, Too New To Rate. By default, they show up in the dropdownlist in the following order alphabetically : A, E, F, M, T...

But we want in Exceeds, Achieves, Marginally Achieves, Fails to Achieve, Too New To Rate order. So, I created couple of fields in a table as :

fieldA FieldB

1 Exceeds
2 Achieves

in the required order and then having the following piece of code in page activate event :
/* Drop Down Logic */

Local Rowset &prompt;
Local Rowset &rs1;

&rs1 = GetLevel0()(1).GetRowset(Scroll.SELECT_WK); --->> this is grid's primary record
For &i = 1 To &rs1.ActiveRowCount
&fld = &rs1(&i).XXX.XXXX_RATING; ---->> the actual dropdownlist field on the page
&prompt = CreateRowset(Record.NCC_PD_DTL); ----->> the table where I have the two new fields
&prompt.Fill("WHERE pd_id = 'XX_RATING' ");
For &j = 1 To &prompt.ActiveRowCount
&CodeIn = Substring(&prompt.GetRow(&j).GetRecord(1).N CC_PD_VALUE.Value, 3, 1);
&DescIn = &prompt.GetRow(&j).GetRecord(1).NCC_PD_EXT _VALUE.Value;
&fld.AddDropDownItem(&CodeIn, Rept(Char(9), &j) | &DescIn);


This logic is working perfectly and displaying the dropdownlist values in the required order but there is one problem :(((

This is displaying perfectly in Mozilla and Google Chrome Browsers, but in IE 6, which is the primary browser here, it is displaying a "box" like special character equivalent to number char(9)'s before the dropdownlist values, which is very awkward. I tried with just having a " " increments, same case here as well. But the interesting thing I found was that if just take for one row, then IE is showing well, but then when i try to do that for more than row is when it's garbling up !

Can someone plssss help me out on this issue ?
You can email at with any ideas.

Thanks much,


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