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Slow performance since oracle 10g upgrade...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Our IT group did an Oracle 10g upgrade and ever since they did that it has slowed everything down, especially in the Ben Admin module.. has anyone else experienced this? and if so, any ideas as to why this would be happening? Our IT group won't give us an answer...


If you using Oracle 10g Database for your PeopleSoft Enterprise Software, please check the below Red Pepper for performance related issues.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance on Oracle 10g Database
It is a 56 page PDF document related to performance on Oracle 10g using Enterprise PeopleSoft products. Some of the information covered include:- Generating Statistics

- Reviewing Dedicated Temporary Tables
- Selecting Tablespaces
- Maintaining Indexes
- Using Cursor Sharing
- Selecting Batch Servers
- Capturing Traces
- Sample Script to Gather Statistics On Tables

Download it from here:
Metalink Doc ID 747254.1

Also, there are many white papers and articles on how to improve the perfermonce:

2. Oracle 10g Migration:slow performance after upgrade to Oracle10g

Hope this helps...


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