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TL_TIMEADMIN runcontrol Process Thru Date

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have a question regarding TL_TIMEADMIN runcontrol.

Our end users are convinced that the 'Process Thru Date' is not an important piece of the runcontrol, and that it does not matter what it is. We do check the 'Use Reported Time for POI'. We do NOT check 'Use Current Date'.

In the past, when I've filed cases with Oracle/Metalink/GSC, I was told repeatedly by them to use the last day of the current pay period. However, our end users say that a consultant told them that date did not matter and to put anything in there.

We have multiple issues that this creates. One, the earliest change date doesn't get updated properly, creating a larger period of interest when TL_TIMEADMIN runs the next time.

We have other issues that we are dealing with, and we are up to 253 batches (Utopian batch count for our org would be about 8!) While I cannot blame all of the issues on the runcontrol Process Thru Date, I don't think this is helping and is causing extraneous issues which we don't need.

I have ran multiple traces, and that date is used repetively in that app engine. Has anyone else ever dealt with this issue?

Does anyone feel this field is unimportant? Granted, people are getting paid, but it does leave extraneous issues. And, it is against what Oracle says to do. Can anyone give me specifics of issues they have encountered when that date is off?


Here's some explantion about the Run Control Fields when you submit the Time Admin Process:

• You must select the Forecast Payable Time option to use the results of the Time Administration process for budgeting or other business purposes, but not send the results to payable time.
• You would check the Use Reported Time for POI option to have the system consider reported time after the process date; if this option is not selected, the system uses the earliest change date and the current workgroup period to calculate the period of interest.
You will select the "Use Current Date option" to use the current system date for processing, or enter a date in the Process Date field to use that date instead. The system selects time reporters with an earliest change date that is equal or less than the specified date.

For Example, if you are processing Payroll Till 09/30/2009, but an employee submits his vacation hrs for October 1st week which is for Future time, If the Use Reported Time for POI option is selected, the system includes the future vacation time in its calculations. Clear the check box to have the system ignore the future time.
How Time ADmin Processes with ECD / Process Date:The system processes only time reporters whose Run Time Administration field is Y and whose Earliest Change Date field is less than or equal to the current or process date specified on the TA Run Control page. You can set the run control date to either the current date or another date (the process date) depending on whom you want to process and what periods you want to process.

We usually put the process date as the Pay End Date. For Example, if we are processing Bi-Weekly payroll, and for week1 time entries, we put the week1 end date, and for week2, we put the Pay End Date. we DO NO select the Use Reported Time for POI option at all.

So, it is an Important field if you are not using "use current date"; and I believe whatever Oracle has said equally important..

Hope this helps


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