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User Exits in Time and Labor

Thursday, February 11, 2010


how to use user exits in TL rules?Hi, We are planning to use User Exits in T & L. This is what we did:Added a section in TL_TA_RULES AE prgram - Test01Then in Rule ID creation we used user exits - Test01 mapped to AE section - Test01. Now in the rule program we are not able to find this RULE ID. So how will this Peoplecode Rule ID be triggered if we are not able to attach it in the Rule Program? Are we missing something here?Please suggest.


In Time and Labor, there are 4 different ways to create TL Rules. One of them is by using User Exit.

What is a User Exit?
Time and Labor User Exits are simply rules that you develop outside of the Time andLabor rules interface. Instead of compiling a rule to create an AE section, you create theAE section first, and then perform a few additional steps to register the section as a rulein Time and Labor.
One of the main reason to use User Exit in TL is to exploit the rich benefits the App Engine Programming Offers which is basicallyPeopleCode. Also, you would prefer it, if you are expert/comfortable in AE programming; Whenever any program is processed, you would want some log activity put in Process Monitor message log files, so you can also include this in User Exit. when you build rules through other online tools methid, there is no log activity for the rule you develop.
When you write user exits, you must add AE sections to the AE program TL_TA_RULES. You can use all the AE constructs supported by PeopleTools (SQL, PeopleCode, looping constructs like Do When, Do While, and so on).

Steps to create user exit:1.Create an Application Engine section with steps and actions to process the rule.Open TL_TA_RULES in Application Designer, and insert a new section and add your rule logic using SQL, PeopleCode, looping constructs like Do When, Do While etc. You must have the Public Access Checked on the section name as shown below:If this option is NOT selected, Time Administration will end abnormally with a message indicating that the rule does not allow access.

2. Define the AE Section in Time and Labor.Select Set Up HRMS, Product Related, Time and Labor, Validation Criteria, AE Section Definition. Here you add a new value, and enter the AE section as a User Exit.

3. Create the rule definition.Select set Up HRMS, System Administration, Utilities, Build Time and Labor Rules, Rules. Add a new value, and make sure to check the User Exit checkbox. The AE Section Name field must match the actual section name for the rule.

4. Add the rule to a rule program.Add the rule to a rule program.

During Migration of TL Rules:If you have written user-exit rules, you will need to include those AE Sections along with AE Steps from AE program: TL_TA_RULES in a project to be exported/imported (copied).


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