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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Question: XML Output options are disabled on the output page in XML Publisher

I am using peoplesoft HR9.In XMLP, when defining new record definition,the XML Output options are disabled on the output page. Please help Thanks


Please make sure that you add 2 delivered permission list to the Peopletools Role:

PTPT2500 (XMLP Power User )
PTPT2600 (XMLP Report Developer )

Note that the delivered reports tend to use the PeopleSoft User role as the author ID. If you are configuring security stick to roles - rather than assigning security by individual users.

You can also change this through:Reporting Tools > XML Publisher > Setup > Report Category

Also, by default, when you load the Report Definition Page, the output page is enabled with all format output options for the template type you pick in the Definition Page. check this table to see if the data is loaded or not:


if the data is missing from PSXPTMPLOUTFMT, then you may have to get it from your Demo system.


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